Welcome to the Love then Money Institute!

If you are here, that means you are contemplating getting help in your money relationship.  I am so glad that you are considering taking that first step, and would be delighted to go on that journey with you!

Here’s how this is going to work. Everyone says: don’t put prices in the website. I get that. Competitors can undersell you. People get scared away. Here’s the thing. I know what I do is helpful. I want people to go through my program because they want to-- because they want a better financial future.

So, I’m not going to sell to you. I’m going to let you make the decision that works best for you. If you know you won’t ever watch the videos or a self-guided program then don’t spend the money on it, or consider pairing it with a few sessions with me to keep yourself in track. If you know you need or want individualized help and guidance then realize that it may seem expensive now but if it prevents a divorce, major loss in your savings, or even giving up on the life you have always desired, isn’t it worth it?

Here are the costs you may incur if you don’t take action. And as I say this, remember, my goal in life is to bust through the taboo of money — to help people begin to feel comfortable discussing it. So, it’s OK if you don’t feel like I’m the right fit for you. Just start working through these things with SOMEONE. My goal isn’t to make money from you. My goal is to help people tackle what holds them back. And I know how to do it. Not only that, I LOVE doing it.

One-on-Two Coaching ($1995)

This 5-week course is personalized to fit your needs.  In addition, you get coached by Azuree every week for 5 weeks and she coaches you specifically to meet your financial goals.  She will personally take you through the process of setting up the plan that is specific to your needs and you will have access to her experience in helping couples reach their goals!

Self-Guided Workshop ($199)

This is a self-guided course with pre-recorded courses that will guide you through a transformation with your partner that will take you from where you are today through activities that will teach you about not only yourself but your partner and then help you figure out what your financial goals are and how to get there.  This is lifetime access which includes updates to videos and resources!

Hourly Coaching Sessions ($300/hour)

This is ideal for couples who have opted for the self-guided course and who have some follow-up questions or issues they do not feel were resolved.  Because every situation is different, sometimes you will require specialized attention that will help you turn the corner.  Coaching hours will be held directly with Azuree.

Apply to be on the Podcast (Free)

This is awarded to one couple per month.  You will get the same attention that the couples in the one-on-two coaching get but you will be featured on the Podcast Love, Then Money.  Couples should submit a written request outlining why they should be chosen or why they need this coaching in their relationship.  Submissions can be sent to: