This blog is meant to take you on my personal journey with money. I want to show you that even I, who coaches people in this area is a work in progress. Changing your narrative is not easy. It takes work. The goal of what I do is to bring awareness of your inner dialogue, so you can change it day by day. I write these posts to let you in to how I bring awareness to my own life in hopes that it will help you bring that awareness to yours!

Love Then Money with Azuree Ashby Love then Money Blog - Hi All!  Thanks for stopping by!  My goal with this blog is to bring you on the money journey with me.   It’s really starting at a relatively arbitrary point in… Continue Reading
Azuree Ashby - Money Coach My Story - I grew up in a single parent household.  My mom is an amazing woman.  She has really given her life to me.  She worked hard for me, she held my… Continue Reading

Back to the Home-Buying! October 26, 2018 by Azuree Ashby - So, I have been looking for homes/condos to buy.  Again, I have decided to take you on an unfiltered journey through my financial life!  It’s hard and I am being vulnerable, but I want to make sure I do my part in changing the way we talk about money--- which means talking about it!! I have made this crazy decision to decrease my monthly expenses to 50% of my income.  Its going to be HARD!  But, it is my new approach to feeling financially abundant.  When you are able to cut down expenses and begin saving like a mo-fo, you will easily feel abundant financially.  That feeling will perpetuate more abundance in every way.  It’ll take a few different tweaks.  But, one of the easiest ways will be to reduce rent/mortgage payments.  So, even though my original goal was to do this next April-ish after tax season, and have a bigger chunk of money saved, it may actually make some sense to do it now. I’m beginning to run the numbers to see if reducing my expenses over the next several months will pay for the amount of breaking the lease plus the extra I would be paying month to… ... Read More
Job Hazards October 19, 2018 by Azuree Ashby - I talk about money for a living.  I LOVE it!  I really do.  I love talking to others about their money, I don’t mind sharing my story along the way, no matter how f-ed up it is.  But, what happens is that money is on my mind a LOT.  I think about it all the time. I have a certain way I want to be, certain goals I want to achieve, and certain financial dreams.  So, talking about money all the time sometimes presents a problem of the harsh realization that I haven’t achieved my dreams yet.  It stirs up some feelings of frustration or fear that because it is taking longer than I wanted or that it wont happen.  There is so much!  If I was living a “normal” life where I didn’t discuss this at all, I avoided it, I would almost be blissfully ignorant.  I have to say that as painful as this process is most of the time, I am so glad I am no longer choosing ignorance.  I am no longer hiding the medical bills under the pile of other crap on my desk.  I am glad I am no longer just spending without a… ... Read More
Jumping into the Market October 12, 2018 by Azuree Ashby - I've been afraid to jump into the market.  I've known the tools for some time.  I'm a CPA but I am not a financial advisor.  BUT, I have decided that I will manage my own money, and I will be fully in control of the fees I incur.  I will be fully aware of the allocations of my portfolio.  I will be in control of ever aspect of my investments.  Sounds great in theory, right??  Yep.  The money I have is still sitting in my brokerage account… in CASH… Ugh!  I teach this for a living, and I am still afraid, what is wrong with me??  Well, I keep thinking that the market is going to drop.  It has to right?  Well, I have lost a LOT of money waiting for it to drop because all it seems to be doing is going up.  This is the thing.  We need to understand that over time, it doesn’t matter when you get in as long as you are planning long-term.  Things are going to even out and returns will balance themselves out.  I know this intellectually.  I know it, I teach it!! But, I am still largely sitting in cash.  So,… ... Read More
Travel Clothes October 5, 2018 by Azuree Ashby - So, before I begin this blog post, I want to disclaim it.  It is going to be long, and I think it will sound a little pretentious.  The thing is that it really isn’t.  This habit I want to talk about is held by people both with money and without money.  I know this because I got this habit from my mom.  And, I have mentioned before, we were definitely NOT financially free… we lived paycheck to paycheck.  But, when we were going on vacation, I always knew we would go shopping for new clothes.  It was part of the fun of the vacation.  I knew that part of the vacation was the part before where we would get new clothes for the trip.  And, it is a habit I have embraced as an adult.  Until now, I haven’t really cared at all that it was a habit.  I enjoyed it.  I enjoyed getting cute clothes for a trip… to have cute pictures… that I would keep forever (or so I told myself).  I guess it isn’t a lie.  The pictures will be my documentation of the memories I create.  But, lets be honest, it isn’t like I don’t own… ... Read More
Stop poor-mouthing September 28, 2018 by Azuree Ashby - I cannot tell you how many times I hear people poor-mouthing themselves.  It kills me to hear it.  I hear it from people who make a decent living to people who are making minimum wage.  I get it, TRUST ME!  I have felt the stress of money, and hell, I still do… and here is a news flash, billionaires do too, just on a larger scale… But, no good comes from poor-mouthing yourself.  Stop saying things like “we will never be able to retire” to “Ill never be able to have (Fill in the Blank).” This not only perpetuates your current situation, it feeds the story that will never allow you to do or have anything different.  Don’t put yourself on that frequency.  When you say these things, that is what you attract, more of the same.  If you want to change your life, change your narrative—both to yourself and to others.  Don’t play the victim.  A coach once told me that there is one of two things you can be in each moment.  You can be a victim or you can be responsible.  Poor-mouthing is playing the victim.  Every one of us has a gift to give.  The responsible… ... Read More
Wait, I’m not Cinderella? September 21, 2018 by Azuree Ashby - There are things that hold us all back in many ways.  There are beliefs we hold, stories we tell, things we secretly desire, or most of all, fears, that keep us from achieving what we want.  Part of my story for a lot of time was that I have had a financially stressful life and at some point some guy is going to come and rescue me from that.  I am ashamed to say it out loud.  The feminist part of me cringes at even admitting it.  But, the feminine side of me just wanted to be taken care of.  To not HAVE to work.  To be able to do what I love and not stress out about whether it was going to allow us to pay the bills.  I wanted financial stress to be something that I didn’t have to worry about.  That I could pass off onto someone else.  I’m 37.  That shit isn’t happening.  It is funny, though, as much as I wanted that to be the case, in every scenario I played in my head, it was me making the fortune.  It was me finding a way to do what I love and be extremely financially… ... Read More
Buying Mold? September 14, 2018 by Azuree Ashby - So, I have these health problems from time to time.  I am VERY sensitive to mold and mildew.  So, when I am exposed to it, I get rashes and autoimmune flares that are hard to stop.  That being said, I live in Florida.  Mold and mildew are EVERYWHERE!  It is hard to find a house, workplace, hotel room, etc without it.  And, I can smell it from a mile away.  My eyes begin to itch/burn, I begin to itch, and everything I eat brings me more discomfort.  Recently, I have been considering buying a house.  I never wanted to until now—and I know what you are all saying—“she is a money coach and she rents?!?”  Yes, for the most part, I love renting.  I truly do.  If something breaks, I call someone to fix it.  I don’t have to be worried about being taken advantage of.  I don’t have to worry about the financial aspect of it.  It is all part of paying rent.  It’s a great scenario for me, at least it has been so far.  But, I have been thinking more and more about buying a small home to eventually turn into a rental and keep doing so… ... Read More
Giving Without Hesitation September 7, 2018 by Azuree Ashby - I’ve always dreamed of being a major philanthropist.  I have always dreamed of really and truly making a difference in the lives of people who need a helping hand.  But, I grew up with a constant sense of lack.  I grew up thinking that money was gonna disappear.  I grew up thinking I couldn’t afford to give monetarily.  This last year I made a goal to contribute a certain percentage of my income.  I am about mid-year through and have noticed that there is money sitting in the account that I could donate, but that I am hesitating… procrastinating… worried I will need it for something else.  So, I decided to dig into why.  Part of the reason, I tell myself, is that I don’t really know what charities in the area are good.  Which contribute most of my dollar to the actual cause as opposed to the admin costs?  That is a bullshit excuse, because all of this is public record and there is even a website called charity navigator which tells you how many cents on the dollar go to the cause.  So, it was time to go a little deeper.  All along, I’ve known what the real… ... Read More
Gas in the Car August 31, 2018 by Azuree Ashby - A year ago, I got a BMW.  It’s a lease… I did this on purpose for those of you who are saying “you are a money coach, why the hell would you lease a car?” I know Dave Ramsey would have my head on a platter, but I also know I am terrible when it comes to knowing what car repair people to trust.  I am not great at knowing when and what to maintain on a car, and so, I know when things start breaking it is time for me to trade it in.  So, I figure, if I am going to have a car payment for the foreseeable future, I might as well lease from a cash flow perspective. For me it makes sense, for you it may not.  Anyway, I am in love with the car.  I am so proud of it.  I read these articles a lot that say that we all just strive to get things and then once we have them we don’t appreciate them anymore.  This is NOT true for me.  Every day when I sit in that car, I see the logo on the steering wheel and I feel this deep sense… ... Read More
It’s On Me August 24, 2018 by Azuree Ashby - When I was a kid, nothing used to stress me out more than being in a social situation where it would cost money and I wasn’t sure I had enough.  I remember going out with friends or family… even when I would be with my mom, who would be paying anyway since I was a kid and having an internal sigh of relief when someone would pick up the tab for us.  It wasn’t even my responsibility, but I knew… I knew it was a relief, a blessing for us.  I knew my mom must be feeling that sigh of relief too even if she didn’t know she was.  These days, I am able to pay for myself.  These days, I can even reach for the bill and truly mean it when I say, its on me!  The other day I was out with a friend, and he picked up the bill… I caught myself breathing the sigh of relief again.  I thought to myself, woah!  What was that? It was automatic, out of my control.  It was habit.  It was involuntary.  The point is that these things creep into your life when you least expect them.  They are a… ... Read More
The Deli Tray August 15, 2018 by Azuree Ashby - Most of my life, money has been a stressor for me.  And, even though I can pay my bills now, I still revert back into the self-talk that stems from total fear of not enough.  Today I volunteered to pick up some deli trays for an event.  When I volunteered, I didn’t even think about whether or not they would be pre-paid or if I would pay and get reimbursed… progress, I guess?  Because not so long ago that would have freaked me out!  I would have been SO scared that I would have to pay, it would empty my bank account, and I would not be able to buy groceries that week.  Luckily, my financial situation is no longer that dyer.  BUT, today, when I had to slap down the $150 for the food, those feelings of fear started to wash over me again, just like when I was younger.  This is something that happens a lot.  And, I have worked through a LOT of my money history.  The fact is that if you don’t work through things, when these feelings come, you will give in to them.  So, today, when I began to stress about when I would… ... Read More