Back to the Home-Buying!

So, I have been looking for homes/condos to buy.  Again, I have decided to take you on an unfiltered journey through my financial life!  It’s hard and I am being vulnerable, but I want to make sure I do my part in changing the way we talk about money— which means talking about it!!

I have made this crazy decision to decrease my monthly expenses to 50% of my income.  Its going to be HARD!  But, it is my new approach to feeling financially abundant.  When you are able to cut down expenses and begin saving like a mo-fo, you will easily feel abundant financially.  That feeling will perpetuate more abundance in every way.  It’ll take a few different tweaks.  But, one of the easiest ways will be to reduce rent/mortgage payments.  So, even though my original goal was to do this next April-ish after tax season, and have a bigger chunk of money saved, it may actually make some sense to do it now.

I’m beginning to run the numbers to see if reducing my expenses over the next several months will pay for the amount of breaking the lease plus the extra I would be paying month to month to get me through tax season (the lease ends Dec 1).  Basically, I would be saving 9,000 over the next 10 months and have to spend 3,600 to break the lease.  So, it works out to my favor to move.  That is, if I move right away, which won’t happen. I still need to get pre-approved, which I was waiting on doing until I decided it was time to look for places.  Those things don’t last too long, and I don’t want a thousand credit inquiries on my credit report.  So, I need to figure out the break even point of this move.

That being said, the location will improve significantly.  I currently live about 25 miles from Tampa-Downtown.  It takes so long and is such a mission to get anywhere! Being closer to where I spend most of my time would be such an improvement to my life!

But, it has to be the right fit and the right place.  The good news is that now I know that I’m in the money if I find that right place, but I don’t have to be in a crazy hurry either!  Everything happens in due time!