Job Hazards

I talk about money for a living.  I LOVE it!  I really do.  I love talking to others about their money, I don’t mind sharing my story along the way, no matter how f-ed up it is.  But, what happens is that money is on my mind a LOT.  I think about it all the time. I have a certain way I want to be, certain goals I want to achieve, and certain financial dreams.  So, talking about money all the time sometimes presents a problem of the harsh realization that I haven’t achieved my dreams yet.  It stirs up some feelings of frustration or fear that because it is taking longer than I wanted or that it wont happen.  There is so much!  If I was living a “normal” life where I didn’t discuss this at all, I avoided it, I would almost be blissfully ignorant.  I have to say that as painful as this process is most of the time, I am so glad I am no longer choosing ignorance.  I am no longer hiding the medical bills under the pile of other crap on my desk.  I am glad I am no longer just spending without a plan, I am no longer doing the things I used to do… the things I came by very honestly.  I am not perfect.  My previous blog posts can let you see that.  But, I am on this journey and I am making true progress.  And, that is what I want for you.  The journey is a crooked one (meaning not a straight line, not crooked like crook, lol).  Success is a winding road. So, let yourself begin to think about money.  It is scary at first, but once you actually take control, it is so liberating!  Taking the blinders off is hard and it takes effort not to regress to your old ways, but it is the only real and lasting way to achieve your goals and not lose them once you have them.