Jumping into the Market

I’ve been afraid to jump into the market.  I’ve known the tools for some time.  I’m a CPA but I am not a financial advisor.  BUT, I have decided that I will manage my own money, and I will be fully in control of the fees I incur.  I will be fully aware of the allocations of my portfolio.  I will be in control of ever aspect of my investments.  Sounds great in theory, right??  Yep.  The money I have is still sitting in my brokerage account… in CASH… Ugh!  I teach this for a living, and I am still afraid, what is wrong with me??  Well, I keep thinking that the market is going to drop.  It has to right?  Well, I have lost a LOT of money waiting for it to drop because all it seems to be doing is going up.  This is the thing.  We need to understand that over time, it doesn’t matter when you get in as long as you are planning long-term.  Things are going to even out and returns will balance themselves out.  I know this intellectually.  I know it, I teach it!! But, I am still largely sitting in cash.  So, what I have decided to do is take you along on the process I go through in order to invest it.  As a disclaimer, I will not be giving you specific investment advice, but I will take you through the process of what I decide to do and how I get to that decision.  Hopefully, I can get some of you to take control of your own investments along the way.