Stop poor-mouthing

I cannot tell you how many times I hear people poor-mouthing themselves.  It kills me to hear it.  I hear it from people who make a decent living to people who are making minimum wage.  I get it, TRUST ME!  I have felt the stress of money, and hell, I still do… and here is a news flash, billionaires do too, just on a larger scale… But, no good comes from poor-mouthing yourself.  Stop saying things like “we will never be able to retire” to “Ill never be able to have (Fill in the Blank).” This not only perpetuates your current situation, it feeds the story that will never allow you to do or have anything different.  Don’t put yourself on that frequency.  When you say these things, that is what you attract, more of the same.  If you want to change your life, change your narrative—both to yourself and to others.  Don’t play the victim.  A coach once told me that there is one of two things you can be in each moment.  You can be a victim or you can be responsible.  Poor-mouthing is playing the victim.  Every one of us has a gift to give.  The responsible thing to do is to find out what that gift is and then give it to the best of your abilities.  Once you begin to be responsible, your life will change.