Wait, I’m not Cinderella?

There are things that hold us all back in many ways.  There are beliefs we hold, stories we tell, things we secretly desire, or most of all, fears, that keep us from achieving what we want.  Part of my story for a lot of time was that I have had a financially stressful life and at some point some guy is going to come and rescue me from that.  I am ashamed to say it out loud.  The feminist part of me cringes at even admitting it.  But, the feminine side of me just wanted to be taken care of.  To not HAVE to work.  To be able to do what I love and not stress out about whether it was going to allow us to pay the bills.  I wanted financial stress to be something that I didn’t have to worry about.  That I could pass off onto someone else.  I’m 37.  That shit isn’t happening.  It is funny, though, as much as I wanted that to be the case, in every scenario I played in my head, it was me making the fortune.  It was me finding a way to do what I love and be extremely financially successful doing it.  In fact, I want to be that person.  I always have.  But, for the longest time, I let the other narrative dominate me.  I let it be the excuse for not achieving my top potential.  The thought or reliance on someone else rescuing me kept me wishing and hoping rather than moving and shaking. Here is the reality.  I want nothing more than to build my own fortune.  I want nothing more than to work hard at something that I love.  I want nothing more than to know that I am self-sufficient.  I am successful in my own right.  I am making a difference in the lives that I touch and the work that I do.  I’m being 100% candid with you right now.  Being Cinderella is over-rated.  Being Cinderella is what society tells us we should want to be.  But, each of us has something to give to this world.  And, when we rely on someone else to rescue us, we deprive the world of our God-given gifts, and I for one, am better than that!