Buying Mold?

So, I have these health problems from time to time.  I am VERY sensitive to mold and mildew.  So, when I am exposed to it, I get rashes and autoimmune flares that are hard to stop.  That being said, I live in Florida.  Mold and mildew are EVERYWHERE!  It is hard to find a house, workplace, hotel room, etc without it.  And, I can smell it from a mile away.  My eyes begin to itch/burn, I begin to itch, and everything I eat brings me more discomfort.  Recently, I have been considering buying a house.  I never wanted to until now—and I know what you are all saying—“she is a money coach and she rents?!?”  Yes, for the most part, I love renting.  I truly do.  If something breaks, I call someone to fix it.  I don’t have to be worried about being taken advantage of.  I don’t have to worry about the financial aspect of it.  It is all part of paying rent.  It’s a great scenario for me, at least it has been so far.  But, I have been thinking more and more about buying a small home to eventually turn into a rental and keep doing so every few years.  The thought is terrifying for me.  Not from a financial aspect, but from a health standpoint.  I am deathly afraid (no pun intended, because when I am exposed to mold/mildew, I feel like I am dying) of buying a home that seems “healthy” only to move in and find out it has water damage that causes my health to deteriorate.  A recent bout at a building where I do consulting work has brought all of these fears back into play.  The building has a terrible mold/mildew problem and when I go there I get flares that take forever to go away.  In addition, the other day I was watching a video on YouTube and the lady on that video was talking about how she has decided to only spend 50% of what she earns.  She is a pretty high earner, but I thought to myself, that is what I want to do.  That is my goal.  And then I began to stress out again.  How will I find a place to buy that will ensure my health but also allow me to reduce my expenses to 50% of what I earn?  The thought has been terrifying.  But, here is what I know.  Everything works itself out.  The place is out there, I just have to find it.  There is something that will meet all of my expectations, allow me to reach my goals, and stay healthy.  I just need to be patient and give myself time to find it.  I have the luxury of not being in a terrible rush to find it, so, I can wait until the right place presents itself!